Holding hands with the world, helping Wuhan

——Wuhan China Donation Initiative for Epidemic Prevention Materials

Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, the epidemic has been closely watching by people all over the world! Facing with a grim situation, the Chinese government is trying to do everything possible to organize resources to fight the epidemic. Major shortages of epidemic prevention supplies in major hospitals in Wuhan from January 23, especially the shortage of protective clothing, masks and other related epidemic prevention supplies needed urgent support.

Viruses have no emotion,but people do..The development of the epidemic and the safety of the people are always affecting everyone's heart. At the forthcoming 10th United Nations World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi, UAE, February 8-13, World Blockchain Alliance and WBA UAE Development Promotion Association will set up a global procurement service center for epidemic prevention materials, collect anti-epidemic materials manufacturers from 165 participating countries to expand global procurement channels for epidemic prevention materials, to purchase scarce supplies of epidemic prevention in China and donate to hospitals such as Wuhan.


World Blockchain Alliance and WBA UAE Development Promotion Association will unite countries around the world to issue donation initiatives to carry out fundraising assistance for the severely affected Wuhan and contribute our efforts.


I. Donate to purchase epidemic prevention materials:

N95 masks, surgical masks, goggles, medical caps, protective clothing and other materials;

2. Method of donation:

The donation will be purchased by the WBA UAE Development Promotion Association for epidemic prevention materials and sent to Wuhan Hospital;

WBA UAE Development Association

A. China Bank accounts:

Bank Name: Agricultural Bank of China

Account Holder Name: Hongtu Zhang

Account Number: 6228 4800 4899 1076 372

B. UAE Bank Accounts:

Bank Name: Commercial Bank of Dubai

Account Holder Name: Hongtu Zhang

Account Number: CIA1000608750

Iban Number: AE370230000001000608750


3. Contact:

WBA UAE Development Association / UAE New World Group:

106A, Dubai Tower, Nasser Plaza, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Zhang Hongtu, President of WBA  UAE Development Promotion Association and Chairman of  UAE New World


Jack Wang, President of WBA

(Wechat:+ 8615501295237, Phone/WhatsApp: +971502783879)


Recipient: Wuhan City Customs Office, Hubei Province, China (Transferred to Wuhan Red Cross)

(Phone: +86-27-82210181)

4. Deadline for Donation:

Deadline: February 8, 2020

V. Important notes

For online transfer or bank transfer, please indicate the donation unit and contact information of the donor for announcement.

We will guarantee the openness and transparency of each donation and materials, and ensures that every love can be delivered to fellow citizens. Recipients of materials will be publicized, and mainstream media will participate in the report.The official website of WBA (w w w.w.plus) will publicize the staff and the number of donations for a long time.


WBA World Blockchain Alliance

WBA UAE Development Association

January 27, 2020