Constitution of the World Digital Economy Alliance


Chapter I  General Provisions

Article 1 the name of the alliance is: World Digital Economy Alliance, English Name: World Digital Economy Alliance, abbreviated as "WDEA".

Article 2 nature of the Union

The World Digital Economy Alliance is a worldwide autonomous organization of digital economy.

Article 3 purpose of the Union

Actively carry out and promote exchanges and cooperation among members of the alliance, and strive to contribute to the development of members.

Article 4 the Secretariat of the alliance is permanently located in Beijing and Hong Kong, and will set up offices and branches around the world according to the needs of business development.


Chapter II business scope

Article 5 business scope of the Alliance

1Publicize the technology and application of global digital economy and promote the development of industry norms;

2Organizing and holding academic conferences and exchange activities of global digital economy;

3To promote exchanges and cooperation among member units from all over the world;

4Provide and summarize various information of global digital economy exchange;

5Provide technical evaluation and consultation services for the global digital economy;

6Provide training and consulting services for digital economy enthusiasts and investors;

7Provide expert and technical consulting services for the global digital economy industry.


Chapter III members

Article 6 types of members of the Union

Group members, individual members

Article 7 members applying to join the alliance must meet the following requirements

1Support the constitution of the Union;

2Willing to join the Union;

3Engaged in R & D and application of digital economy technology, training, consulting and other services.

Article 8 the procedures for members to join the alliance are

1Submit the application form of members of the alliance;

2Adopted by the executive board;

3The executive board authorizes the Secretariat to issue membership cards.

Article 9 members shall enjoy the following rights:

1The right to vote, stand for election and vote of the Union;

2Participate in the activities of the Union and obtain various information of the Union;

3The priority of obtaining the services of the Union;

4The right to criticize, suggest and supervise the work of the alliance;

5Free to join and quit.

Article 10 members shall perform the following obligations

1To implement the resolutions of the Union;

2Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the alliance;

3Complete the work assigned by the alliance;

4Pay annual fee as required;

5Report the situation to the Union and provide relevant information.

Article 11 a member who withdraws shall notify the league in writing and return his / her membership card.

If a member does not pay an annual fee or participate in the activities of the Alliance for one year, it shall be deemed to automatically withdraw from the alliance.

Article 12 in case of any serious violation of the articles of association, the members shall be removed after being voted by the Council.

Chapter IV formation and removal of organizations and persons in charge

Article 13 the highest authority of the alliance is the Council, whose functions and powers are as follows: 

1To formulate and amend the articles of Association;

2Election and recall of the president and vice president;

3Review the work report and financial report of the alliance;

4Determine the termination;

5Decide other major issues.

Article 14 the board of directors can be convened only when more than 2 / 3 of its members are present, and its resolution can take effect only when it is voted and adopted by more than half of the members present.

Article 15 the Council shall be held for two years. If the term of office needs to be changed in advance or postponed due to special circumstances, it shall be voted by the Council.

Article 16 the executive board is the executive body of the board of directors, which leads the League to carry out daily work and is responsible for the board of directors during the intersessional period.

Article 17 the functions and powers of the executive board are as follows:

1Implementation of Council resolutions;

2Election and recall of the president, vice president, executive director and Secretary General;

3To prepare for the convening of the Council meeting;

4Report to the Council on its work and financial situation; 

5Decide on the absorption or removal of members;

6To decide on the appointment of the deputy secretary general and the principal of each department;

7To lead the work of various organizations of the alliance;

8Establish internal management system;

9Decide on other major issues.

Article 18 the executive board can be convened only when more than 2 / 3 of the directors are present, and its resolution can take effect only when more than 2 / 3 of the standing directors present vote.

Article 19 the Executive Board shall meet at least once a year; in case of special circumstances, it may be held in the form of network communication.

Article 20 the president, vice president, executive director and Secretary General of the alliance must meet the following requirements:

1Support the articles of association and be enthusiastic about the work of the alliance;

2It has great influence in the business field of the alliance;

3Healthy and able to work normally;

4No more than 70 years old;

5Having not been subjected to criminal punishment of deprivation of political rights;

6Have full capacity for civil conduct.

Article 21 if the president, vice president and Secretary General of the alliance exceed the maximum age for holding office, they can hold office only after being approved by the Council.

Article 22 The term of office of the president, executive vice president, vice president and Secretary General of the alliance is five years, and they can be re elected.

Article 23 the president or Secretary General of the League shall be the legal representative of the league.

Article 24 the president of the alliance shall exercise the following functions and powers:

1Convening and presiding over the Council;

(2) Check the implementation of resolutions of the general assembly and the Council;

(3) Sign relevant important documents on behalf of the union.

Article 25 the Secretary General of the union shall exercise the following functions and powers:

(1) Preside over the daily work of the office and organize the implementation of the annual work plan;

(2) Deal with other daily affairs.

Chapter V principles of asset management and use

Article 26 sources of funds of the alliance:

(1) Annual membership fee;

(2) Donations;

(3) Government funding;

(4) Income from carrying out activities or services within the approved business scope;

(5) Interest;

(6) Other legitimate income.

Article 27 the League shall collect annual membership fees in accordance with relevant regulations. Each member shall pay the annual fee to the alliance in the first quarter of each year, with no limit on the initiative of overpaying.

Article 28 the funds of the alliance are mainly used for convening the board of directors and the general meeting of the members, printing materials, commending and rewarding, paying management fees to the government departments, etc., and for the development of the business scope and undertakings specified in the articles of association of the alliance, which shall not be distributed among the members.

Article 29 the alliance shall establish a strict financial management system, with separate accounts for funds and special funds for special purposes, so as to ensure the legality, authenticity, accuracy and completeness of accounting materials, and regularly publish accounts and accept audit.

Article 30 the union shall be equipped with accounting personnel with professional qualifications. An accountant may not concurrently serve as a cashier. Accounting personnel must conduct accounting and implement accounting supervision. When the accountant transfers work or leaves office, he must complete the handover procedures with the receiver.

Article 31 the assets management of the alliance must implement the financial management system stipulated by the state and be subject to the supervision of the general meeting. Where the source of assets is state appropriation or social donation or financial aid, it must be subject to the supervision of audit institutions and the relevant information shall be made public to the public in an appropriate way.

Article 32 No unit or individual may misappropriate, privately share or misappropriate the assets of the alliance.

Chapter VI amendment procedures of the articles of Association

Article 33 the amendment to the articles of association of the union shall be approved by the Council.

Article 34 the amended articles of association of the alliance shall come into force after being approved by the board of directors.

Chapter VII termination procedures and disposition of property after termination

Article 35 the board of directors shall propose a motion for termination if the union is to complete its purpose or disband itself or needs to be cancelled due to division, merger and other reasons.

Article 36 the motion of termination of the union shall be passed by the Council.

Article 37 the alliance shall be terminated upon the cancellation of registration by the competent authority.

Chapter VIII supplementary provisions

Article 38 the articles of association are adopted by the general meeting of members on March 10, 2019.

Article 39 the right of interpretation of the articles of association belongs to the Council of the union.

Article 40 the articles of association shall come into force as of the date of adoption by the Council of the alliance.